Clear Credit Bureau: Pay your Debt with 70% Discount

All those people who have taken a loan and accidentally or for some reason their history has been affected by non-payment or making it in a timely manner, they have only one concern: how to clean the credit bureau. To know if there is a way to do it, I invite you to continue reading.

And what is the bureau for?

And what is the bureau for?

“The credit bureau” as many of us know it, is part of the Credit Information Companies, which are responsible for collecting, managing and presenting the credit history we have, all our loans, phone plans, credit cards, that are found regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission appear in this register.

It is important to understand that if we have any of these services, we appear in the “bureau” regardless of whether our payments are timely or not. What changes in each individual’s bureau is the credit score, which is the rating that banks grant on our payment behavior. The best-known Credit information society is the Credit Bureau and the Credit Circle.

There are institutions that say “we will take you out of the bureau”, this is a lie since there are NO institutions or agencies that are authorized to erase your history of the “bureau”, they can only do it either the Credit Bureau or Credit Circle once there is After a period of time.

Credit Information Companies must keep the information reported for a period of 6 years from the first breach, observing the characteristics established by the Law.

Clean up your credit bureau

Clean up your credit bureau

If you are a person who for some reason has stopped paying, there is still hope to clear your credit history.

For example, Resolve is a credit repair company and the means to achieve an end that is not only to settle your debt but also to return to the system.

How does your Debt help me clear my credit history?

  1. Use of T-Check, which is the ideal credit card for people who have bad credit history and want to improve it. It’s like having access to a credit card.
  2. The Resolve Your Debt program will help you develop savings and payment habits and at the same time will help you have better control of your personal finances in the future.
  3. Settling your debt helps you report the account as closed. However, show your commitment to your credit obligations.

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