How to reduce your debt ratio?

Once your real estate project is successful, the next step is to find a financing solution. One of the key criteria in the preparation of a loan application file concerns the debt ratio. Namely the ratio between the monthly payments of the credit and the total income of the borrower. Back to the unspoken theoretical

Mortgage Annuity Loan worthwhile?

The mortgage loan was born in the Anglo-Saxon environment as a ” reverse mortgage “, a name with which it is still known to most even in Italy. It is a form of financing intended for owners of properties over 60 years of age who need liquidity. It is unfortunately not uncommon, in fact, that

How To Find The Right Debt Consolidation Loan For You

If you are well organized and have proof of regular income which is more than enough to cover monthly payments, you are in a good position. While it may seem trivial, you can also improve your chances of being approved for single parent mortgages by dressing well and professionally. Children should stay home. There are

Stay away from credit on Instagram and Facebook

Loans are often offered via Instagram and Facebook. But beware! Rip-off threatens here – the fraudsters are just a click away. Life can be pretty expensive. If you do not have a new smartphone model or trendy branded clothes, you will quickly be forced to act. Providers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter often offer help: just

Loans to young people would increase

The problem of young people is one of the most pressing for Italy. Just take a look at the statistics regarding youth unemployment, to understand how for our country there is an increasingly deteriorated situation, such as to force many young people to move abroad, to see their preparation valued. An increasingly conspicuous exodus that